Standing on the Edge or Taking Up Room?

“If you’re not standing on the edge you are taking up too much room.”

My dear friend, Eunice Azzani, was the first one who said this quote to me about 20 years ago. It resonated with me then and still resonates now. We sometimes think about getting comfortable, and maybe even yearn to be comfortable, but in reality I think life is about doing just the opposite.

comfort-zone-where-magic-happens-280-190Life is about growing. We need to embrace change and growth, and stand on the edge. If you are not pushing yourself to reach outside your comfort zone and going that extra distance, you may find that you are not just standing still, you are actually losing ground. With risk comes reward but being open to taking risks is where the challenge may lie. I have experienced tremendous rewards and enormous strength from learning how to step out on the edge (ledge) and taking on risks. You can too.

Do you worry about what other’s think? Are you looking outside yourself for the answer? Are limiting beliefs getting in the way?

If you would like to strengthen the link that connects you with your potential and “re-program” self-defeating beliefs or behaviors then it is time to engage in my Transitions and Life Shifts Program.

For the past couple of years I have made this offering to people in Career Transitions and recently one of my clients said, “This is so much more and you should offer this to anyone, not just as a Career Change Program.” I agree.

transitions-in-lifeWhether you are staying where you are and just want to take on the next level of life and leadership or if you examining your relationship or if you find yourself in transition with your children, your family and your aging parents…whatever condition exists that has created a desire to explore or expand your possibilities and choices, then this program is for you.

If you want to improve prosperity, self-esteem, health and body, relationships, personal power or your spirituality then step into this vulnerable and intimate process. Consider this time to nurture your soul, learn how to connect with that inner voice and recognize its guidance.

I believe you have the answers deep inside. The Transitions and Life Shifts coaching program is designed to support you in discovering your passion and path to life on your terms.Isn’t it time to take a step toward a life you love?
Why wait any longer?