Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Critic


Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Critic

The beliefs you hold to be true make up the fabric of your experience.  They become your inner critic and they seem unshakable even when they no longer seem to serve your higher goals or life’s purpose.  In fact, under stress, they often run the show!  Maybe you can’t flip the switch and turn “get rid” of your limiting beliefs and that inner critic but you can develop your capacity to reduce its power over you. Some beliefs are not chosen they are conclusions that you reached about your perception of particular experiences. As a child, it was our role to learn how to live as a human being, so what we saw, heard, and experienced formed a set of core beliefs about who we are, the world and our place in it. If you were able to rewind your life and watch it in slow motion, you would be able to see the key times when certain beliefs were formed.

Some examples of limiting beliefs:

  • The Perfectionist – “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”
  • The Fraud – “I don’t deserve to be here and it’s just a matter of time before I’m found out.”
  • The Pleaser – “I strive to make everyone happy so that they will appreciate me.”
  • The Self-Sufficient – “I’ll do it myself because you can’t count on anyone.”
  • The Coach – “No pain, no gain so.”
  • The Workaholic – “Everything takes hard work.”
  • The Comparer – “He always comes across better in meetings then I do.”

Committee in your headIn our workshop you will:

  • Learn how the committee in your head is created
  • Examine how gender differences play a role
  • Identify your committee members, the whole cast of characters including the lead and supporting characters
  • Identify the upsides and downside of your characters and their messages
  • Learn about the impact on you and others “When the Committee Convenes”
  • Increase your self-awareness by Identifying and examining your physical and emotional triggers
  • Learn how to change or reconstitute your limiting beliefs and quiet the inner critic

There is an abundance of intellectual literature about the unconscious mind, core and limiting beliefs and how to change them. To make a sustainable change you must practice transforming your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about yourself.


Awareness is a state of consciousness
Choice – is act of making a decision
Change – is where the rubber meets the road

  “Practice makes Permanent”


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