Workshops and Webinars

Gerry’s leading-edge workshops and webinars are inspired by and for her clients. You will explore important topics that will guide and support you in navigating personal transitions, growth, and change.  You will gain access to your powerful and authentic “centered leadership”. The model we call centered leadership is about having the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength that drives personal achievement and, in turn, inspires others to follow. The benefit of doing this work in workshops and webinars is the formation of a like-minded community who will join you on your journey and will support you in creating an abundant life filled with joy, inspiration, and purpose.


Please contact us to arrange a time to customize your Learning and Development programs for your company through webinars or in-house programs.  Gerry also does open enrollment programs for small groups or individuals inquire at

Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Critic

The beliefs you hold to be true make up the fabric of your life experience.  These beliefs are often limiting and seem unshakable, and may no longer appear to serve you. Maybe you can’t flip the switch and turn off your inner critic but you can develop your capacity to reduce its power over you.


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Culture: By design or by default?

Culture: Every business has one and it does not just happen. It is either by design or by default.  Here is a chance to examine your culture, refine it and rid yourself of what might be suppressing or derailing your business.  Craft the culture that serves you, it is your choice.


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 Live Your Dream Square

Your Best Year Yet!

The most successful people and businesses set goals and plan ahead. Your Best Year Yet! is designed to allow one day just for you to make a deep inquiry into what matters most, challenge your limiting beliefs and design your life in the direction that will fulfill all your dreams and aspirations.

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How To Give And Receive Feedback

Learn how to deliver and receive constructive feedback and create an environment characterized by open communication, interpersonal trust, and integrity.


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woman team

Are You Managing or Leading?

With the mastery of skills and behaviors, you can successfully navigate the fields of management and leadership. Gerry will teach you the secrets to how successful women lead authentically.


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Women,Power and Body Esteem

Women, Power and Body Wisdom

If you are a woman leader, who wants to be more powerfully present in your own authentic way, aligned with your purpose, even more, successful without becoming overwhelmed and exhausted or able to live, love and work within a climate of grace, ease and abundance then this transformational work is designed for you.


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