Neuro-Leadership – Brain Based Coaching Program

Brain - Neuro-LeadershipNeuro-Leadership – Brain-Based Coaching Programs

A unique coaching program that utilizes process-focused, and outcome-driven methodologies, tools, and frameworks that support your leadership development.

The program is designed for both individuals and teams that wish to learn new skills that will enable them to lead more effectively and facilitate positive change within their organizations. You will and explore the four domains of neuro-leadership:
– Decision making and problem-solving
– Emotional regulation
– Collaboration
– Facilitation of change

Leaders who participate in this program say they lead more effectively and facilitate positive change within their organizations. Applying the new skills from this program will transform your effectiveness in the areas of Performance, Diversity, and Learning.

The ten-week course includes:

The ten-week course includes:

  •  Foundations of Neuroscience and how our brain works
  • Goal Setting – Creating your focus on three goals for the program
  • Mining, Refining, Defining and Shinning your three goals
  • How to Develop a new Habit
  • Sessions 6 – 10 are 1:1 coaching sessions with a focus on
    • commitment to action
    • measuring progress
    • accountability and
  • The introduction of tools and frameworks throughout the program

Gerry integrates methodologies from her studies as an Integral Coach with New Ventures West, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Neuro-Leadership Brain-Based Coaching and almost a decade of coaching corporate leaders and executives.

A Coach can be a powerful support for achieving sustainable and positivity change in your Leadership. Gerry is a skilled and experienced business leader who has the ability to quickly assess the situation, ask the hard questions and provide guidance.

Gerry believes you are the expert and have the answers and she will work with you to remove the barriers and blind spots that stand between you and your future leadership. She will engage in a confidential and trusting relationship with you as you take a powerful plunge to access your inner wisdom and will use the art of questioning, listening and observing together with honest, non-judgmental, patient inquiry to support you through a process of self-discovery so that you will emerge with increased self-awareness, clarity, focus, and motivation for your next level leadership.

You may customize a program 1 – 12 leaders – individually or as a group program. Her programs will involve a combination of on-site sessions and 1:1 video conference or f-2-f sessions. To arrange a phone conference to custom design your Neuro-Leadership Brain-Based Coaching Program with Gerry, please inquire at