Instant Impression to Lasting Leadership

Instant ImpressionYour first 100 days in a New Executive Role

The first few months in a new leadership role often determines the trajectory of an executive’s success. Gerry has created an actionable, onboarding plan that promises you will achieve results faster and ensure you are delivering outcomes that are aligned with the vision and values of the company.

Her program is designed to support your first powerful steps in your new executive leadership role. If you want to hit the ground running, take charge, build a high-performance team, and produce immediate results, Gerry will give you the keys to designing and achieving all this and more.

The one-year program is divided into two parts. Part I is focused on creating a powerful instant impression by determining your priorities, designing your course of action, and achieving your initial objectives. Gerry will partner with you in accomplishing your breakthrough projects and will continually keep you focused on developing you for the next level of effective leadership.

Her clients find that the program enables them to sustain their momentum when moving into Part II of the engagement when together you will assess your impact, and she will gather in-depth feedback from your peers and colleagues, and give you sound advice while you create a meaningful, rewarding, and Lasting Leadership Legacy.

Deliver results early – assess your situation and develop an action plan for 30, 60, 90 days.ignite

  • Design a short list of breakthrough projects that you will deliver to demonstrate immediate results
  • Develop messaging to speak to the priorities of stakeholders
  • Actively align your senior leaders and negotiate for success
  • Form and leverage new peer relationships
  • Create and align on vision and values with your leadership team
  • Build a championship team – not a team of champions
  • Develop trust and rapport with senior leaders, peers, and your leadership team
  • Remove cultural obstacles and resolve breakdowns

For at 30-minute discovery session or to arrange a time to customize your program, please inquire at