ExecutiveLeadershipExecutive Leadership Coaching

Gerry’s Executive Leadership Coaching Programs are designed to support leaders who are committed to transforming their organizations. Each program allows the executive to gain access to effective ways of thinking and taking action. She will explore strategies that enable the leader to develop a results-oriented culture while communicating and inspiring others to collaborate in achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Gerry combines insightful communications and effective coaching tools which support, engage and empower her clients to achieve their purposeful and powerful leadership potential.

Typical Coaching Areas Include:    – communication and collaboration  – motivation and engagement  – interpersonal relationships  –  managing, mentoring, and developing teams  – influence  – agility and decision making   – strategy and strategic thinking  – leading through change  – building high-performance teams  – self-awareness  – listening and asking open-ended questions 

Executive Coaching Program 1:1 

The purpose of Gerry’s Executive Coaching Program is to assess and measure your impact, provide in-depth feedback, and design your path to engage and sustain your purposeful and powerful leadership. The program will enable you to align behaviors you will design with the support of Gerry who is a master Executive Leadership Coach.
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Instant Impression


Your first 100 days in a new Executive Role

Hit the ground running! The first few months in a new leadership role often determines the trajectory of an executive’s success. This actionable onboarding plan will achieve guide you to achieving results faster and ensure you are delivering outcomes that are aligned with the vision and values of the company.


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Neuro-Leadership-Brain-Based Coaching Programs

A unique coaching program that utilizes process-focused, and outcome-driven methodologies, tools, and frameworks that support leadership development. Leaders who participate in this program say they lead more effectively and facilitate positive change within their organizations.


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