Men and Women a Leadership Partnership

menandwomenleadershippartnershipMen and Women a Leadership Partnership

Gerry’s program is designed to help companies extend the hand of partnership between men and women. She believes that when we are acting in true partnership, as a group, they will act smarter and will build stronger and more successful organizations.

The leadership environment for today’s leaders is volatile, uncertain and complex with the increased level of complexity, interconnectedness and teams spread across the globe. We believe that leaders can no longer afford ineffective communication.

During our program,  men and women will have rich and deep conversations about the challenges they face.

The Program Objectives:

  • Understand, recognize and foster leadership qualities in yourself and others
  • Build a network of relationship, collaboration and inclusion with men and women peers
  • Identify gender based communication styles and learn how to work with cultural differences without stereotyping
  • Gain broader and more realistic perspective on your blind spots which will allow for new insights and perspectives
  • Learn tools and develop competencies to support the resolution of issues by understanding differences in decision-making and problem solving
  • Receive and deliver feedback with men and women peers without gender bias
  • Finding the authentic leader within by understanding your passion and values and creating your personal vision for yourself, your team, your company and the world

The two-day program includes:

  • A pre-program survey to determine company cultural strengths and issues identified by the participants
  • A pre-program conference call to determine your goals and set your program objectives
  • A facilitated interactive two-day workshop for all participants which includes lecture, paired sharing and coaching

What do program participants have in common?

  • Generally have significant organizational responsibility
  • Have been identified as leaders who have a passion for partnership
  • Desire to cultivate organizational change
  • Have a desire to develop a welcoming culture for diverse people and styles while increasing performance

For at 30-minute discovery session or to arrange a time to customize your program, please inquire at