High Potential Women’s Leadership Program

highpotentialwomensleadershipHigh Potential Women’s Leadership Program

Gerry’s program is designed to help companies invest in their most promising and talented women leaders. The High Potential Women’s Leadership Program prepares your leaders to manage the toughest business challenges, while illuminating pathways for their long-term career success. Your women leaders will listen, learn and lead as they become the catalyst for organizational change.

Each participant will assess and measure their impact, receive in-depth feedback, and chart paths to engage and sustain their purposeful and powerful leadership. The program enables leaders to align behaviors that facilitate the attainment of goals they will design with the guidance of Gerry’s Executive Coaching and the support of peer coaches.

The participants explore strategies that enable them to develop a results-oriented organizational culture and learn to communicate and inspire others to collaborate in achieving breakthrough business results.

The combination of individual and group/peer coaching equips the participants with leadership tools, a philosophy, and a network of relationships, collaboration and inclusion with peer leaders.

Each leader will be asked to take on the challenge to mentor and sponsor the next class of High Potential Leaders.

Women in Black SuitsWhat do program participants have in common?

  • Have significant organizational responsibility
  • Have been identified as high potential leaders
  • Have not fully unleashed their leadership potential
  • Envision extraordinary results but can’t see how to produce them
  • Often feel they are isolated or too busy to connect with other professionals in their organization

The six-month program includes:

  • A pre-program call to determine your goals and set your program objectives
  • A facilitated interactive two-day workshop for all participants – lecture, paired sharing, coaching exercises, and daily debrief sessions
  • Monthly peer coaching-circle to build a network of relationship collaboration and inclusion with peer participants
  • Monthly one-to-one leadership coaching with a master Executive Leadership Coach, Gerry Hansen
  • Five Leadership Webinars to gain access to effective ways of thinking and taking action
  • A one-day culminating session to examine and design your commitment to be a catalyst for change

To customize your program, please inquire at info@hansencoachingandconsulting.com