High Performance Workshops

customizedconsultingHigh Performance Workshops

Leadership has become an art of plate spinning where we balance people and priorities while embracing high pace and (sometimes) divergent goals. The business environment today is increasingly complex and change is a constant. Our executive leaders must be able to lead collaborative teams while still keeping pace and maintaining a competitive advantage. There is a dramatic difference between people working together and a team that has developed sustainable high performance. In a High Performance Workshop, we will address specific issues that have been undermining your team’s effectiveness, alignment and trust.

Gerry will customize a 1, 2 or 3-day high performance workshop designed to build high-functioning and high-performing teams.

These workshops may focus on:

shutterstock_teamwork~ Launching new teams
~ Assessing team dynamics
~ Providing team feedback
~ Facilitating Team off-sites
~ On-Boarding new team leaders
~ Improving team performance

High Performance Workshop deliverables may include:

  • Discover your own unique leadership roots, its foundation and a path to advance your leadership skills
  • Gain and leverage leadership strengths and differences between and among the team
  • Create a highly motivated and collaborative team
  • Make commitments that allow each leader to operate authentically
  • Develop a culture where holding each other accountable is embraced
  • Develop a path that will inspire support for key initiatives
  • Commit and align to a shared vision and common values for success
  • Examine the culture – What is by design and what is by default?
  •  Commit to shift and change the culture that no longer serves the organization
  • Develop practices for sustaining yourself, your team and your organization
  • Delineate and commit to appropriate behaviors and activities required to be integrated and aligned as a team

To arrange a phone conference and custom design a Consulting project with Gerry, please inquire at info@hansencoachingandconsulting.com