Career Change

Are you in a career or life transition? Do you have a deep desire to discover a career that “lights you up”? Do you want to make a career change with ease and grace? Are you struggling with a conflict between doing what you love and creating abundance and prosperity? Are you ready to explore, discover and design a career you love?  Are you finding work-life balance impossible?  Are you feeling disengaged?

We may choose a career transition or it may choose us. In both cases, we say it can be used as an opportunity to design the next chapter of your life.

Having made a career transition from Corporate Leadership to her own Entrepreneurial business Gerry believes she has been called to support others during mid-life transitions. Gerry will coach you through your transition to design life on your terms, to meet your dreams and to find your “Act II” that will light you up.

She is a certified career coach and uses a process based methodology that has proven successful for job searches and career strategies for people in career transitions for over 25 years.

This is a dynamic program that combines a proven process and methodology with Gerry’s 35 years of business and coaching wisdom.

Life Shifts: It's Time For Change

Lift Shifts:  It’s Time for Change!

This program is designed to create an alliance that allows for a deep inquiry into what “lights you up.”

Gerry believes you have the answers and you are the expert who can design your own path. She will support you in making choices that create an effective, balanced, and fulfilling life on your terms.

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Transitions Coaching

A Coach can be a powerful support for achieving sustainable and positivity change in your career and life.  Gerry is a skilled Business Leader who has the ability to quickly assess the s situation, ask the hard questions, and provide guidance. Gerry will work with you to remove the barriers and blind spots that stand between you and the job of your dreams.


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