Gallup’Strengths®  Clifton Strengths Finder

As a strengths coach, I help my clients uncover their talents. Most leaders have focused and devoted most of their time trying to fix their shortcomings and have forgotten to focus on developing and leveraging their strengths.

Each person has dominant themes of talent and the goal is to appreciate the intricacies, power, and edge of each theme.

The StrengthsFinder® measures the presence of talents in 34 general areas or “themes”.  These talents emerge in the work because they are recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behaviors that have consistently been developed and refined with acquired skills and knowledge.  It’s like a your fingerprints, each person is unique.

I believe that developing our strengths is more important to your success than your rank, title and authority.  In our increasingly talent-driven society, we need to understand our strengths so that we can leverage, develop and tap into them.  It is also important to become conscious of “blind spots” that are caused by our talents.  “Your strengths overplayed can become a weakness.”

A Gallup study in the workplace determined that you are six-times more likely to be engaged and if you are able to use your strengths. So why isn’t everyone living a life from their “strengths’?   Most people are either unaware, or unable to describe their strengths to the people around them.