Gerry is an inspiring and powerful coach. She has a unique ability to reveal the upsides and downsides of your leadership style and uses revolutionary techniques to unlock your potential leadership. She will guide you using a leadership philosophy that will allow you to make empowering shifts in your leadership. The end result is that I now have the freedom and courage to design my life and leadership on my terms.

Cynthia Montello
Institutional Director
Teva Women’s Health

Gerry is an exceptional leader with a rare combination of operational, financial and motivational talent. In 1994 I recruited Gerry to Charles Schwab Corporation where she soared through the organization transforming troubled business units and lead teams in North America and Europe while achieving unprecedented success. I have known Gerry for thirty years and have been impressed with her ability to navigate both large and small organizations where she adapted quickly to changing environments. She brings a wealth of business experience to her coaching and consulting practice and has an innate ability to identify strengths in leaders, quickly develop trust and rapport and lead them to discover what it takes to drive positive change in their leadership.

Eunice Azzani
Azzani Search Consultants
(formerly Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry International)

Gerry excels in three components of executive coaching that I most value: she fosters unconditional trust, makes a relentless effort to listen actively for patterns and clues and provides direct feedback and suggestions in a way that can be heard and understood by the person she is coaching. Her active listening and professional executive experience enable her to diagnose situations effectively and to suggest solutions that are actionable. She can be counted on to maintain absolute confidentiality. Gerry’s executive coaching program delivered exactly what I needed in my work at Cardinal Health to effectively drive change.

Isabelle Billet
IBHC Advisors, LLC

Gerry has an amazing ability to take the cloudy issues and bring things into focus. She understands the need for and develops a deep level of trust with her clients. Her passion for supporting those that desire to improve is a core characteristic. One of the things I value most is that Gerry’s coaching draws on her own executive leadership and business experience, and she utilizes tools that she developed while chartering her own career to high levels of success. She has walked the walk and talked the talk, she cares and she is passionate. What else can you ask for in a coach?
Senior Director
Fortune 100, Fasting Growing Companies
I hired Gerry as my coach in May of 2012 and signed up for her program “Coaching for Transitions and Life Shifts.” She delivered on the promise that she would partner with me in developing and claiming my true self through a journey of manifesting life on my terms. Afer 25+ years in financial services my goal was to transition into a second career that would allow me to leverage my strengths and executive experience while at the same time creating a positive impact in the world. Through Gerry’s coaching, we revealed limiting core beliefs, using Psych-K I was able to rewrite the software of my mind and changed the limiting beliefs into those that support me and connect me with my potential. In my work with Gerry, I have reduced anxiety and stress in my life, see a path to career that lights me up and believe that I can achieve my full potential. Gerry is the type of coach you will never want to leave she is my coach and my friend.
Kathryn Larson
Executive Director
Professional Business Women of California
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Gerry Hansen for over 15 years. She was instrumental in introducing and/or facilitating programs to further the development and growth of women leaders at two Fortune 500 companies that I worked for. In addition, I hired her to be an Executive Coach for the program graduates, who have benefited significantly from the one on one coaching she has provided. Gerry has the ability to quickly analyze a situation and provide concrete steps for improvement. Her style and results-driven leadership have produced significant and lasting results.
Bill Davidovich
Director, Human Resources
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Gerry brings everything that you could want in a coach and leadership developer — experience, ability to relate to a broad swath of managers, and deep expertise in the subject. She is able to help individuals and teams to achieve results that are well beyond what they had imagined prior to the period of her involvement. Gerry processes a high degree of integrity and is an expert in her field.
Linda Alepin
Board Chair
Global Womens’s Leadership Network
Professor, Santa Clara University
Gerry Hansen is a gem! Gerry was my Coach for the Women Leader’s of the World Class of 2012. She has the uncanny ability to zoom-in and read between the lines, uncovering the deeper issues. As a result of her introspective ability I gained deeper insight into what gets in my way and was able to make giant leaps in my personal and professional growth. Gerry is a warm passionate tour guide on your journey to self-discovery. She guides you in opening the doors and allowing you to unleash your full potential. Gerry’s class “Life by Design” is a magnificent testimony to the exceptional coach she is.
Martine Bolsens-Peetermans
Director of Development
Global Women’s Leadership Network
Gerry was a co-leader for the Women Leading Change Workshop in 2011. I engaged Gerry to be my Executive Coach following the program and have been working with her for over a year. Gerry has helped me with insight into my leadership style identifying areas of strength and opportunity. She provided coaching and support in identifying what career path I wanted to take and how to achieve my goals. Every session with Gerry is an eye-opener. She is an exceptional leader and coach and an amazing and inspiring human being. I would highly recommend Gerry to anyone who is ready to take on their next level of leadership.
Julia Kaplan
Director of Product Strategy