Donate Miles and Receive 4 Hours of Coaching

scholarship recipients from open door foundation sit at a table studying for school

I have a commitment to girls’ education and that extends to girls in third world countries.  I am a part of an organization that receives donations for airline miles that allows young scholars to come to the US from Rwanda and teachers to fly to Rwanda.  Open a Door’s commitment is global transformation through women’s education. I am thrilled to offer my services for such a worthy cause.

In exchange for 40,000 airline miles, I am donating, in return, 4 hours of coaching.  This is a great way to dip your toe in the water and see how I can be of service to you and a wonderful way to kick off our coaching relationship (as I’m confident of the difference that can be made in your life).

As a former business executive, I know how those points rack up and oftentimes sit there. Why not have those airline miles make a difference for a young African scholar AND you?

If you have been wanting to explore what really lights you up (and possibly a career transition) or focus more on your leadership impact, then please give sign-up and we can get started on re-designing life on your terms! Four hours of coaching can make a tremendous difference in either of these areas of your life and will also give you a chance to try it on before making a substantial commitment.

Learn more about Coaching for Miles and contact me directly if you would like me to facilitate the process.

I’d also encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open with friends, family and colleagues, where they can make a difference not only for a young Rwandan woman, but for themselves as well.  This may be the perfect opportunity they have been waiting for. So don’t hesitate to share this wonderful program.